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Sidney Jones has possible ruptured achilles

Top defensive back Sidney Jones possibly ruptured his Achilles Tendon.

The pro-day for those trying to go pro is a crucial event. It’s a chance for the up and coming rookies to show their skills on their home field. Also, it gives an opportunity for others to make up for a disappointing show at the NFL combine in Indianapolis. Sidney Jones (6-0, 186-pounds) struggled in his defensive back drills and didn’t turn in the numbers scouts expected from him.

His pro-day gave him another chance to wipe the scores off the minds of scouts. On the very last rep, however, Jones tore his Achilles Tendon. Even though an MRI is still yet to come, more than likely, it will cost the defensive back millions. He is talented enough to be the second or third-best cornerback in the draft. I have him going inside the top-10 in my mock draft.

Now he will slide down the draft board. It is tough for a team to pony up the dough when someone misses a full season, which Sidney Jones will do. Look for him to go anywhere between late second and possibly early fourth. He has been a standout for Washington Huskies in his last two seasons, and played in all three years he has been there. Jones declared for the NFL draft this season as a junior and after named first-team all-Pac 12 for the Huskies who became conference champions this season.

When the right team does draft Sidney Jones, they are going to get a physical corner who can jam wide receivers at the line of scrimmage. Jones is a ball hawk and attacks routes. According to, Jones had nine career interceptions and got a hand on 21.3 percent of balls thrown his way over last two seasons.

According to an NFC East regional scout:

“I think he picked up all of (Marcus) Peters’ good traits as a player without the personality defects. He marries that great FBI (football intelligence) with an explosive close-out and that will win in the pros just like it wins in college. You will always wish he was 198 pounds, but he won’t be.”

Devastating for Jones, but it could be good news for your IDP team. He will more than likely slide down the rookie draft board. He will be one of those out of sight out of mind type players. Jones is the kind of player you can strike gold with if you are in need of defensive back help.

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