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Rodney Stuckey Will Miss at Least Four More Games

Photographer: David T. Foster/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire
Rodney Stuckey hamstring injury will keep him out for at least four games.

You will have to go back to December 6th to find the last game that Rodney Stuckey played. He played six minutes and left because he had injured his left hamstring against the Chicago Bulls. He also was absent from the five previous games as well, because of the hamstring. In total, Stuckey has seen action in just 17 of the 42 games thus far.

It seems that his fantasy value is running short, and you may want to consider riding his injury out, trading him or just flat out dropping him. I would consider placing him on the wire. The coupling of his injury and the fact that he doesn’t have a timetable for his return and has not been practicing. He has also played just six total minutes in the last 11 games.

So what does this mean for the Pacers and your fantasy team? First what you are going to miss while Stuckey is down. His shooting off the pick and roll will be a big miss for your team.

His scoring has been down, and he is shooting only 40 percent from the field and 30 percent beyond the arc. He has a strength on the defensive side of the ball, but that won’t help you necessarily.

Stuckey’s injury puts both C.J. Miles and Monte Ellis on the map for you to consider. If you want the three-point shooter, Miles is your guy. His left-hand is a bomber.

He is a 6’6 guard/forward who is good for the small lineups that Larry Bird likes to utilize. Miles’ game revolves around his versatile jump shot, but this can lead to him taking shots that are unbalanced.

He also can be predictable. Miles won’t drive to the basket, and when he does, he uses the left side of the court. He is not going to get you the assists either, but if you are good in that category and need fewer turnovers, he is good for that.

Miles is shooting 43.7 percent from the field and .419 from beyond the arc. He is averaging 10.9 points, with three rebounds, 0.6 assists, and 0.5 turnovers a game.

Ellis is another option for your team. The shooting guard is aging out. He is now 31 years old and an 11-year veteran. Even so, he can still put the ball in the basket, even though his athleticism is starting to wane.

He has demonstrated that he is not comfortable from beyond the three-point line, so settles for the mid-range jumpers. He is far from the player he was at Golden State and a couple of seasons with the Dallas Mavericks.

Ellis’ time appears to be over, and the Pacers offense is capable of hiding his deficiencies on the defensive side of the ball and his offensive shooting limitations. He is scoring just under nine points per game and shooting a dismal .281 percent on his three-point shooting.

When looking for an option out of Indiana, I would go with Ellis in the assists/steals department. On the downside, you will be losing out of scoring and bad shooting percentages.

Miles is going to score more and have better shooting percentages, but you will lose out on assists and steals. The bonus, however, is that you won’t need to sweat him turning the ball over.


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