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NFL Podcast: Week 13

Jesse Morse M.D.




Tom Brady – elbow

Carson Wentz – hand

Jameis Winston – ankle (low vs high)

Matt Stafford – fracture in back


Derrick Henry – hamstring

James Conner – AC joint sprain (shoulder)

Marlon Mack – hand fracture (surgery?)

Damien Williams – ribs (cartilage)

David Johnson – back? Age?

Chase Edmonds  – hamstring

Matt Breida – ankle, new

Chris Thompson – turf toe

Le’Veon Bell – knee (chronic)

Jordan Howard – shoulder (stinger)


T.Y. Hilton – calf

D.J. Moore – shoulder/elbow

Tyreek Hill – hamstring (mild)

Adam Thielen – hamstring

Juju Smith-Schuster – concussion, knee

Deebo Samuel  – shoulder (sprain?)

Emmanuel Sanders – rib injury/cartilage

D.J. Chark – hamstring

Mohammed Sanu – high-ankle sprain

Nelson Agholor – knee

Philip Dorsett  – concussion

Tyler Lockett – calf contusion/strain

Robby Anderson – back, shoulder

Golden Tate – concussion

Dede Westbrook – shoulder, neck

Alshon Jeffery – ankle

Paul Richardson – hamstring

Hunter Refrow – ribs, punctured lung

Mike Williams  – knee 

A.J. Green – foot, surgery

Parris Campbell – fractured hand, surgery

Jakeem Grant – high-ankle sprain

John Ross – shoulder


Zach Ertz – hamstring

Evan Engram – foot (LisFranc?)

Rhett Ellison – concussion

Gerald Everett – knee

David Njoju – wrist

Delanie Walker – ankle

Luke Willson – hamstring

Eric Ebron – ankles

Jesse A. Morse, MD is a Sports and Family Medicine Physician originally from Worcester, Massachusetts, and currently living in Stuart, Florida. Dr. Morse specializes in fractures, sports-related injuries, joint injections, musculoskeletal ultrasound, regenerative medicine (stem cell, PRP) and concussion management as a non-surgical orthopedist. He grew up watching Wade Boggs, Pedro Martinez, and Larry Bird dominate the Boston sports scene before Tom Brady and David Ortiz came to town. In 2017-18 served Dr. Morse served on the medical staffs of the Philadelphia Phillies/Threshers, the Toronto/Dunedin Blue Jays, and the University of South Florida. Now he currently consults for the Miami Marlins and also serves as a MMA ringside fight physician. Dr. Morse enjoys staying up-to-date on all the latest injuries in sports, playing fantasy baseball and football, as well as DFS.

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