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To Play or Not to Play: The Lament of LeSean Owners

Photographer: Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire

“Damn you, Rex Ryan.”

That was the indignation that reverberated throughout the fantasy football community this past Sunday. A cocktail of confusion, frustration, but most of all, Rex’s tart stupidity.

It began on Wednesday when Buffalo Bills star running back LeSean McCoy went down during practice with the ever-ominous “hammy.” In the following days, conflicting reports emerged that it would shelf McCoy for 1-2 weeks…which then evolved into several weeks….then miraculously back down to a game-time decision. Even McCoy’s agent Drew Rosenhaus chimed in with his own expert medical diagnosis (doubtful).  I guess we should have known that no one really understood the extent of the injury when reports kept classifying it as “minor-to-moderate.”

Minor-to-moderate…what the hell kind of a range is that?

“Excuse me, waiter? I’ll have the rib eye. How would I like it cooked? Hmm. Rare-to-Medium Well.” …Yeah, good luck figuring that sh*t out.


“And while you’re at it, could you get me a glass of waterish beermonade?” 

The situation became increasingly tumultuous Sunday morning as McCoy owners feverishly scoured Twitter for any shred of news, right through pre-game warmups.

“McCoy is out there getting ready! Look!!! He just ran a route! I don’t see any medical staff near him. Has anyone seen the medical staff check on him? That’s gotta be good, right? They said he’s on a snap count. 25-35 snaps? Is that even limited? Should I just play it safe and go with Gillislee? Why would they start McCoy unless they felt confident that he was going to be okay? For the love of God, someone just tell me what to do!!!”

Alas, we all know how this story ends. LeSean McCoy put up a whopping 1 pt. before re-aggravating his hamstring and exiting the game early. Owners that swapped in Gillislee for McCoy ended up netting 1 more point, as the backup RB finished with a total of 2 on the day. Reggie Bush, of all people, got a rushing TD in route to a 9-point day, which led the Bills backfield.

Thanks a lot, Rex.


While there is a lot to question about Ryan’s move to risk his best player’s health when he clearly shouldn’t have been out there, the bigger question is: what happens now?

Dr. Parekh expects that McCoy will be held out through the team’s week 10 bye. While McCoy did sit out of Wednesday’s practice, Rex Ryan stated “we’ll see how he progresses through the week.”  No, Rex! Stop it! Just freaking stop it!

Hopefully, Ryan wises up and removes head-from-anus, realizing that McCoy is far too valuable to risk further aggravation — not just for the Buffalo Bills, but for fantasy owners everywhere. Expect injury reports and Ryan’s (mis)handling of the situation moving forward to be “Shady” at best.

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