NFL Week 7 FDx (Waiver) Wire

Photographer: Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire

The FDx Wire is written in the tradition of a waiver-wire report, however, we have added our FDx Score to illustrate how our proprietary algorithms feel about the player. The higher the number the better that player will perform. Also, added is the projected points for the week. Visit The Fantasy Doctors Analytics HERE for our Top Week 7 Projections. The FDx score goes from 0-199 and has division points. O-19 is poor, 20-39 is fair, 40-59 is good, 60-79 is very good, and 80-100 is excellent. You will not see any adds to a player over 60% ownership in two leagues.

Jared Goff, QB LAC (68.2 FDx Score/17.98 Projected Points)
20% ownership in ESPN leagues
50% ownership in CBS leagues
38% ownership in Yahoo leagues
Its been two difficult weeks for the Rams quarterback. Can’t really fault him though. Those two opponents have been Seattle and Jacksonville. Plainly speaking Goff is a streaming quarterback who will be solid against softer defensive teams and a wreck against the tougher ones. He will be that way for the rest of the season as his schedule is up and down as well. In the next few weeks, he faces off against the softer pass defense of the Arizona Cardinals (27th), New York Giants (24th), and Houston Texans (21st).

Samajae Perine, RB WAS (67.67 FDx Score/8.04 Projected Points)
44.9% ownership in ESPN leagues
55% ownership in CBS leagues
36% ownership in Yahoo leagues
The rookie was handed the ball just nine times against the San Francisco 49ers, but he did score his first touchdown on the season on a reception from Kirk Cousins. Overall, Perine ended up with three balls and 23 yards rushing. Not exactly flattering. He should continue to get reps as a back-up to Chris Thompson. His yards per carry average need to get a lot better as well. Take some value as he could be a what the heck flex option down the road.

Chris Ivory, RB JAC (57.94 FDx Score/5.79 Projected Points)
5.3% ownership in ESPN leagues
6% ownership in CBS leagues
4% ownership in Yahoo leagues
The door swung open when lead tailback Leonard Fournette went down with an ankle injury. Ivory took that option and finished the game with only three rushing yards on two carries. He was a huge benefit in the passing game though. Catching nine balls for 74-yards and one touchdown. The injury is not serious for Fournette, but next week the Jaguars take on the Colts, and then a bye-week. I expect Fournette to be out of commission until at least week nine. Ivory should be able to run over the Colts and get more chances down the road. A definite add for Fournette owners.

Orleans Darkwa, RB NYG (38.08 FDx Score/2.27 Projected Points)
4.3% ownership in ESPN leagues
9% ownership in CBS leagues
10% ownership in Yahoo leagues
Orleans Darkwa had a full load to himself last night against the Denver Broncos and carried the ball 21 times for 117-yards with a touchdown. Previous opponents have not done very well against Denver. For instance, Melvin Gordon, Ezekiel Elliot, LeSean McCoy and Marshawn Lynch all contributed to a 1.9 yards per carry average. Darkwa finished with a 5.6 ypc. It also helps that Paul Perkins was out with an injury and both Wayne Gallman and Shane Vereen tallied just 31-yards on ten carries. Darkwa may have just took over the lead back role. He has Seattle before the bye week, but then New York faces the Rams, 49ers, Redskins, Raiders, and Cowboys in five of the next six weeks. In week 11, they battle Kansas City so that may be an off week for him.

Kendall Wright, WR CHI (68.81 FDx Score/6.73 Projected Points)
14.9% ownership in ESPN leagues
38% ownership in CBS leagues
14% ownership in Yahoo leagues
Kendall Wright only caught two passes on three targets, but Mitchell Trubisky only threw the ball 12 times as well. Expect a slow crawl for Kendall Wright in the next few weeks, but his production should pick up after the bye, or perhaps against New Orleans. Wright is still the number one receiver on the Bears and could be useful in spot starts or flex.

Jermaine Kearse, WR NYJ (72.25 FDx Score/8.06 Projected Points)
51.4% ownership in ESPN leagues
67% ownership in CBS leagues
46% ownership in Yahoo leagues. Jermaine Kearse was clean on all four of his targets going for 79-yards. Even though his targets were less than both Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Robby Anderson hey outpaced both in yards caught. Kearse has been the Jets primary option and should continue to be so. On the season, he has 26 catches in six games and three touchdowns. He is outproducing Julio Jones right now.

Cole Beasley, WR DAL (52.04 FDx Score/3.67 Projected Points)
22% ownership in ESPN leagues
67% ownership in CBS leagues
21% ownership in Yahoo leagues
The Cowboys had their bye-week on Sunday, so now all Cowboys have the rest of the season to grind it out. Two weeks ago, Beasley caught four of his six targets for 23-yards and two scores. Don’t get too excited over his touchdown total. It equaled his last 13 games combined. Meaning he may never find the location of the end zone again (ha!). Dallas has a nice comfy schedule on its way, and if you are in a PPR league he makes a nice targeting acquisition.

Roger Lewis, WR NYG (55.26 FDx Score/4.35 Projected Points)
23.4% ownership in ESPN leagues
44% ownership in CBS leagues
21% ownership in Yahoo leagues
Roger Lewis is now the number one receiver on the Giants by default. Evan Engram may be more active, but Lewis is the man for Eli Manning on the wings. Ignore all his totals, they are going to change dramatically. Even last nights game, that Lewis started will be discredited for now. The Broncos locked down everyone except Engram, and the Giants were in run-mode most of the night. Can I predict that he will blow out the stadium? No, but there isn’t a whole lot left that is a starting wide receiver on the waiver wire. Take a chance if you have the room, his ceiling is massive.

Ed Dickson, TE NYG (95.0 FDx Score/14.41 Projected Points)
47.3% ownership in ESPN leagues
57% ownership in CBS leagues
50% ownership in Yahoo leagues
With a depletion of Carolina Panthers tight ends, Ed Dickson makes a nice grab if you are in desperate need of one. Even if you have some room on the bench he can be an important stowaway. Baltimore likes to involve the position in their offense, and Dickson has some good skills catching the ball. Over the last three weeks he has 12 receptions on 17 targets for 261 yards. His 22 yards per catch is inflated do to his monster five catch 175-yard game against the Lions. However, the week prior he had a 3-62 game, so its in him for big yardage.

George Kittle, TE SFO (86.3 FDx Score/6.68 Projected Points)
9.2% ownership in ESPN leagues
13% ownership in CBS leagues
8% ownership in Yahoo leagues
The rookie fell back to earth a bit after his opening game against the Panthers. Games against the Seahawks, Rams, and Cardinals will do that to almost anyone. However, when San Francisco flew to Indianapolis to take on the Colts, Kittle, was right back on it. Securing seven passes for 83-yards and a touchdown. Last week was another good game for the tight end. Against the ‘Skins he was clean on four of eight targets for 46-yards. I expect an uptick in both receptions and yards as his college quarterback C.J. Beathard is now the starter for the season.

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