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NFL Post-Week 3 Infirmary Report

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Tip to parents: don’t let your kids play football. Another exciting week of games, another list of devastating injuries. That being said, Week 3 was much, much less painful than Week 2. This week, we will be including “The Doc’s Take” with thoughts from Dr. Selene Parekh on many of the injuries covered in this report. Let’s stretch, then gingerly jump in:

Jacoby Brissett, New England Patriots

The most recent Patriots quarterback to win a game, Jacoby Brissett did not escape Thursday night unscathed. With only one more week until Tom Brady returns, the Pats only need one more start from either Brissett or Garoppolo, but both players are recovering from recent injuries. Brissett suffered a thumb sprain in his throwing hand, but will attempt to work through it. The fact that the Patriots haven’t signed another quarterback to their active roster is a likely sign that they expect at least one of their QBs to suit up this week, with Brissett seeming the most likely.

The Doc’s Take: Brissett’s injury is to the inner thumb of his throwing hand. It is a partial tear and will cause issues with gripping the football. He will likely require surgery at the end of the season, but with Brady coming back from suspension soon and Garoppolo recovering well from his own injury, the Patriots may determine that the required surgery should be performed sooner.

Willie Snead, New Orleans Saints

Saints receiver Willie Snead was supposed to be a game time decision before Monday Night Football, but it was confirmed he would sit out long before, as reports early Monday morning confirmed he would not play. The second year receiver is officially out with a sprained toe, but The Doc has a bit more to say on the matter:

The Doc’s Take: Snead is most likely suffering from turf toe, which carries with it a timetable of several weeks. Turf toe accounts for the most missed time in the NFL.

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson came into Week 3’s game with a high ankle sprain. He left the game with two ankle sprains and a knee injury. His knee injury is an MCL sprain, and he is officially listed as day-to-day. With the Seahawks playing in Week 4 and then having a bye week for Week 5, it may be prudent for them to sit Wilson on Sunday, but it seems as though they are preparing him to play. How effective he will be remains strongly in question.

The Doc’s Take: Mobility and running will be an issue for Wilson if he is able to play. He will likely need to stay in the pocket a lot more than he is accustomed to. Barring any setbacks or further injuries, it will probably be about four weeks until we see the true, infinitely mobile Russell Wilson back on the field.


Jordan Cameron, Miami Dolphins

Dolphins tight end Jordan Cameron finally showed signs of life, but has now been hit with a concussion. He has already been ruled out of Week 4’s game, and since this is not Cameron’s first concussion, there is quite a bit of concern.

The Doc’s Take: Cameron will have to pass the neuropsychological evaluation before even being able to return to practice, let alone games. With every concussion being unique, it is impossible to predict precisely when Cameron will be cleared to continue football activities.

Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys

Just when Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was starting to develop chemistry with rookie quarterback Dak Prescott, Dez went down with a knee injury. It looked bad on tape, but Dez only missed a few snaps before coming back on the field and later scoring a touchdown. He was supposed to have an MRI on Monday, but reports on Tuesday state that he has yet to undergo the imaging test. Given the lack of urgency, we can assume the damage is minimal.

The Doc’s Take: Dez likely has a Grade 1 MCL strain. Since he was able to go back into the game and play, his injury shouldn’t be much of an issue for his next game.

Rashad Jennings, New York Giants

Giants veteran running back Rashad Jennings was a surprise inactive on Sunday, sitting out the game with an injured thumb. Jennings was seen in a cast at practice, and there is concern about how well he will do gripping the football. With fellow Giants running back Shane Vereen out for an extended period with a torn triceps muscle, there may be more urgency amongst the Giants to rush Jennings back to the field.

The Doc’s Take: Jennings seems to be dealing with a UCL sprain in his thumb and will likely need to keep the protective cast on for now. The Giants may rush him back, but realistically it could be 2-4 weeks.

Antonio Gates, San Diego Chargers

Chargers legendary tight end Antonio Gates was inactive for Week 3 against the Colts and looks likely to be inactive again for at least one more game. He’s recovering from a hamstring injury and is officially listed as week-to-week. Rookie tight end Hunter Henry will pick up plenty of snaps and targets in Gates’ place.

The Doc’s Take: Based on the treatment being given to Gates, it seems he is suffering from a Grade 2 hamstring strain. The usual recovery for that injury is 2-4 weeks.

Thomas Rawls, Seattle Seahawks

It looks like Christine Michael’s “Awakening” will continue in Seattle for a while longer, as supposed starter Thomas Rawls is recovering from a fibula fracture that will sideline him for several weeks. Rawls and the Seahawks have decided against surgery, instead waiting for him to recover on his own.

The Doc’s Take: Rawls seems to be dealing with a hairline fracture around his ankle. The Seahawks have chosen to go with the non-surgical option, which will keep Rawls sidelined for up to six weeks. They could shorten that timeline with a surgery that places a small rod in the bone, but they seem to prefer keeping Rawls out to recover on his own.


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