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NFL Injury Report- Post Week 10

Photographer: Daniel Bartel/Icon Sportswire

There was football this week. While there were remarkably few significant injuries for a full week of football, the following still remains forever true: When there is football, there are injuries. When there are injuries, there are injury reports. Hey look, here’s one now:


Jordan Howard, Chicago Bears

Bears rookie running back Jordan Howard ran for 100 yards on 15 carries on Sunday, but after the game, coach John Fox said the running back had “possibly” suffered an Achilles injury. This apparently took Howard and all of his tendons by surprise, as he said, “Nah, I ain’t suffer nothing” when asked about his coach’s remark. Still, it’s something to keep an eye on throughout the week.


Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals veteran wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald caught 12-of-18 targets on Sunday, but also took a lot of hits and missed a few plays here and there throughout the second half. After the game, Fitzgerald said his knee was “sore” but that he expected to be fine. He was scheduled for an MRI, but coach Bruce Arians expressed the same confidence on Monday, saying that Fitzgerald was sore, but that he was not concerned about him missing Week 11. Keep an eye on practice reports just in case, but Fitz should be good to go most of the week.


Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski had to leave the game after a blow to the head to be evaluated for a concussion, but he was cleared and able to return to the field. After the game, reports began to surface that Gronk had suffered a punctured lung and would have to miss at least one game. Later on Monday, however, conflicting reports came out saying that Gronk did not have a punctured lung and that his chest injury was “not overly serious.” Again, this will be something to keep an eye on in practice reports as the Patriots get ready for Week 11.



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