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Mike Trout continues to sit with hamstring injury-Dr. Morse

Photographer: John Bunch/Icon Sportswire

Mike Trout

This perennial All-Star and MVP candidate has, for the most part, been very healthy so far in his career (knock on wood). However recently he suffered a mild hamstring strain that has kept him out the past 4 games, and likely to keep him out a couple more.

The Angels have been playing pretty good without him but they need his bat in their lineup and his defense in their outfield. The Angels are likely playing it very safe with their stud, as hamstring injuries have a tendency to linger if not allowed to fully heal. The last thing the Angels, and fantasy owners alike, want is to have him suffer a more severe hamstring strain, say a grade two or three, that shelves him for several months on the DL. A hamstring injury to a speed and power guy like Trout really negatively impact his game. Based on information released so far, Trout has not underwent an MRI, so the Angels medical staff must believe that Trout’s hamstring strain is a mild grade one.

Expect Trout to be back in the lineup by this weekend. He’s always a possible play on DFS, so keep an eye on his lineup status before inserting him into your lineup. The most important indicator of how his hamstring is feeling is when he ramps up his running, which should likely be today.

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