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2018 NFL Injury Guide: Odell Beckham Jr.

Jesse Morse M.D.



Credit: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Odell Beckham Jr.

Age: 25 years old, he turns 26 in November

Team: New York Giants

2015 Stats: 15 games, 96 rec for 1,450 yds, 13 TD.

2016 Stats: 16 games, 101 rec for 1,367 yds, 10 TD.

2017 Stats: 4 games, 25 rec for 302 yds, 3 TD.

2018 Projections: 16 games, 96 rec for 1,257 yds, 8 TD.

Projected 2018 Fantasy Rank (FantasyPros):  WR3


Beckham injured his ankle during the Giants’ 2ndpreseason game mid-August last season.

– He suffered an MRI-confirmed high-ankle sprain, which has a normal RTP of 6-8 weeks.

Beckham only rested for 4 weeks and returned slowly in Week 2 and then showed up in a big way scoring 2 TDs in Week 3.

– [BUT THEN] Beckham reportedly reinjured his ankle in Week 4 but still managed to suit up in Week 5.

– [Typical young athlete] he likely pushed it instead of resting, Beckham rolled his left ankle and ended up fracturing his fibula, the outer lower leg bone that attaches to the outside of your ankle.

(Decreased proprioception, likely on pain killers, not as flexible, much easier to land awkwardly)

– [BOOM, just like that] Beckham underwent season-ending surgery in early October, with a full recovery expected.

[FASTFORWARD to Spring 2018]

Beckham was on video working out at UCLA but was not able to make strong cuts off the surgically repaired left ankle.

The surgery that Beckham had usually carries a 6 to 9 month RTP, which means he should be near the end of his regular rehab by now

but mind you the rehab is truly never done.

Beckham’s offseason has been filled with new contract talk, trade rumors, as well as a concerning video that surfaced in March regarding some hotel room in I think Paris. Any fines coming??

The good news is that Beckham reported to the Giants’ voluntary minicamp in late-April, but he was not fully cleared yet.

In early June, Beckham was cleared to practice but he did not participate in team drills, likely as part of a contract holdout.

This holdout may continue throughout training camp, which will cost Beckham $40k per day if he does.


Will Beckham’s ankle ever be at the same strength and flexibility as before his surgery? No.

2018 Health Outlook:

Coming of a pretty serious left ankle injury that required surgery, Beckham should be close to about 80% by now.

– Personally believe that it will take a couple practices, scrimmages, and games before he feels comfortable jumping, pushing off and cutting on his surgically repaired ankle.

– It’s unclear how many of the ankle ligaments were damaged, to what severity, as unfortunately these never truly heal, instead there is scar tissue that develops around the ligament.

– Beckham’s going to have decrease flexibility naturally, decreases sense of touch and then there’salways the risk of re-rolling his ankle on any hard cut, jump or if someone lands on him.

Risk of Re-Injury: Difficult to determine, as it is definitely not 0%, likely somewhere around 30%.


All the discussion at Giants camp is not about Beckham’s on-the-field performance, but instead regarding his contract and extension talk. So I guess that’s good news.

– Amid the contract issues, remember that Beckham suffered a pretty significant ankle injury that ended his season prematurely.

The good news is that it was not his knee, or even BOTH

Beckham will take some time to get his legs back underneath him, and he will have some soreness in his ankle. Maybe this means the Giants hold him out of practices, and if he’s really banged up, he misses a game or two.

While I don’t think Beckham will be completely comfortable on his ankle for a while (say 3 games), he should still resemble his dominant-self in 2018.

Feel free to draft him as a top 15 WR, but personally I’m concerned enough about his reinjury risk to not draft him as a top 5 WR. Likely where you will need to draft him to get him. But if he falls, DRAFT HIM, I GIVE YOU MY STAMP OF APPROVAL!

Dr. Morse is a Sports and Family Medicine Physician originally from Worcester, Massachusetts, and currently living in Tampa, Florida. He grew up watching Wade Boggs, Pedro Martinez, and Larry Bird dominate the Boston sports scene before Tom Brady and David Ortiz came to town. In 2017-18 currently Dr. Morse serves on the medical staffs of the Philadelphia Phillies/Threshers, the Toronto/Dunedin Blue Jays, and the University of South Florida. In addition to practicing full spectrum family medicine, he specializes in joint injections, musculoskeletal ultrasound, and concussion management as a non-surgical orthopedist. Dr. Morse enjoys staying up-to-date on all the latest injuries in sports, playing fantasy baseball and football, as well as DFS.

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2018 NFL Injury Guide: Kareem Hunt



Name: Kareem Hunt


Age: 23


Team: Kansas City Chiefs


2017 Stats:  16 games, 272 rushes for 1,327 yards, 8 TD. 53 rec for 455 yards, 3 TD

2018 Projections: 16 games, 249 rushes for 1,112 yards, 8 TD. 53 rec for 425 yards, 2 TD

Projected 2018 Fantasy Value: RB7



Injury: Hunt sustained a hamstring injury during OTAs in June, which led to him taking time off OTAs and minicamp. While he did miss time, it appeared to be more for precautionary reasons and doesn’t appear to be more than a mild strain of the hamstring. Strains are graded on a 1-3 scale, with a grade 1 being a mild overstretching of the muscle fibers, grade 2 being a partial tear, and grade 3 being a full thickness tear. Based on Hunt’s progression, he’s likely to have suffered a very low grade 2 strain. Barring a setback, he should be 100% ready to go for the 2018 season.


2018 Health Outlook: Hunt enters the year as the primary ball carrier and should be 100% heading into the season. While hamstring strains do have a tendency to linger or reoccur, he appears to have had more than enough time to rest, rehab, and recover to head into the new season fully healthy.


Risk of Re-Injury: 10%


Recommendations: Draft Hunt with maximum confidence as your RB1 as he heads into his second year as the clear lead back. With backup Spencer Ware attempting to come back from a multi-ligament knee injury, Hunt should be in line for more touches this season. Hunt heads into the 2018 season with minimal injury worries.




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2018 NFL Injury Guide: Keenan Allen



Name: Keenan Allen


Age: 26


Team: Los Angeles Chargers


2015 Stats: 8 games, 67 rec for 725 yards, 4 TD

2016 Stats: 1 game, 6 rec for 63 yards, 0 TD

2017 Stats:  16 games, 102 rec for 1,393 yards, 6 TD

2018 Projections: 16 games, 96 rec for 1,250 yards, 7 TD

Projected 2018 Fantasy Value: WR6



Injury: Allen returned last season from an ACL tear that cut his 2016 season short as he missed the last 16 weeks of the season. He returned last year and dealt with minor injuries to his shoulder (Week 7 during practice) and his low back (during Week 15 game), both of which were minor enough to not cause any missed time. Allen has had a history of small, nagging injuries that have slowed him down from time to time, but he appears to have shown no ill effects from his ACL reconstruction 2 years ago. Oftentimes, players do extremely well two years after an ACL tear, requiring that extra year to really achieve true comfort level with their reconstructed knee.


2018 Health Outlook: Allen enters the 2018 season fully healthy and ready to go. With Hunter Henry expected to miss all of 2018 after tearing his ACL, Allen will serve as the center of the passing game for quarterback Philip Rivers. Last season, Allen proved he could be the go to guy in a high powered offense. Expect more of the same from him this season.


Risk of Re-Injury: 10% for his knee, 0% for the shoulder and back


Recommendations: Draft Allen with full confidence. He’s currently going as fantasy teams’ WR1 and is coming off the best season of his career as the focal point of an explosive offense. With Allen being 2 years removed from ACL reconstruction, this shapes up to be another exciting season for the Chargers stud wideout.


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2018 NFL Injury Guide: Terrelle Pryor

Mike Casale M.D.



2018 NFL Injury Guide: Terrelle Pryor, Sr.


Age: 29


Team: New York Jets


2016 Stats: 139 targets, 77 receptions, 1007 yards, 4 TD’s


2017 Stats: 37 targets, 20 receptions, 240 yards, 1 TD


2018 Projections: 35 receptions, 432 yards, 2 TD’s


Projected 2018 Fantasy Value: WR82


Injury: During Week 2 of the 2017 season, Terrelle Pryor sustained an ankle injury during a game against the Los Angeles Rams.  Though he managed to play through Week 9, he was eventually forced to shut down his season early and underwent arthroscopic ankle surgery on November 20, 2017 to repair torn ligaments in his ankle.


After signing with the New York Jets in the offseason, Pryor sustained another ankle injury during training camp in May. This time it was an ankle fracture that required surgical fixation and likely required him to stay off the injured leg for about 2 months. As of this week, Pryor stated that he is finally pain-free and is practicing at full-speed. He will not play in this week’s preseason game against his former team, the Cleveland Browns, and it remains to be seen if he will return to game action this preseason.


2018 Health Outlook: Although promising that Pryor is pain-free and back at practice, his conditioning and chemistry with his new teammates likely suffered as a result of his rehabilitation from ankle surgery in May, which likely required an extended period of no weightbearing. This is a similar injury to what Odell Beckham suffered last year, and the results are generally excellent when surgery is done to restore the normal anatomy. The procedure that he had in November of 2017 is the same surgery that Cam Newton underwent in 2014. Nevertheless, two injuries requiring surgery on the same ankle in a 6-month span make for a difficult recovery, especially this close to the start of the season. It remains to be seen whether he will have any residual instability in his ankle during game action.


Risk of Re-Injury: Moderate


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