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Eddie Lacy Injury and Fantasy Impact

Photographer: Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire

Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy was placed on Injured Reserve and will potentially miss the rest of the season after undergoing ankle surgery this week. At first, Lacy was only expected to be limited in practice. Then, he was only expected to miss a game or two. Now, he is on the shelf for at least eight weeks due to NFL I.R. rules, and there seems to be little optimism that he’ll return to the field in 2016.

This has sent the fantasy football world into a frenzy of sorts, especially because Lacy’s direct backup for the past few seasons, James Starks, is also injured and unable to play for several weeks. The Packers recently traded for former Kansas City Chiefs running back Knile Davis. They also promoted running back Don Jackson from the practice squad and have been using wide receivers Ty Montgomery and Randall Cobb in the backfield.

The opinions of Packers beat writers have varied from believing Montgomery will get the most backfield work to thinking it will be Jackson instead. Jackson has never taken an NFL snap, even in preseason play, while Montgomery received eight targets and three carries while lined up as a running back last week. Davis is also in the picture, but will likely see his role grow gradually as he takes the time to familiarize himself with the playbook.

Montgomery should immediately be an asset in PPR leagues, as even if Davis or Jackson play well, Montgomery is likely to be the receiving back on third downs. Davis has always had an intriguing size/speed blend, but he is simply not a good football player as evidenced by almost every game he’s played. He has had some nice, long runs in critical moments, but those have required holes in the defense that even Trent Richardson could have run through. Last season, when Jamaal Charles was injured, the Chiefs gave every running back with a pulse a chance ahead of Davis. Jackson is an unknown, but he should be familiar with the playbook as he has been on the practice squad all season. This simple fact could earn him more playing time, at least for now. Keep an eye on tonight’s Thursday Night Football matchup to see how things shape up. None of the remaining backs will likely put up the numbers Lacy was capable of, but they could all be useful in their own ways. Below Dr. Parekh discusses the injury possibilities and likely recover timetables Lacy will be facing:

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