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The Curious Case of Rob Gronkowski and the Punctured Lung

Photographer: Fred Kfoury III/Icon

More like Gronk-ouch-ski, am I right?


For the few who are still with me after that, New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski suffered a rather mysterious chest injury in last week’s game. Some sources reported a punctured lung while others stated that was incorrect and that Gronk’s injury was not a major one. The ever-mysterious Bill Belichick predictably shed no light on the situation in his latest press conference.

Gronk did miss practice on Wednesday, though, and has not been medically cleared to fly. With the Patriots facing the lowly San Francisco 49ers, they are fully aware that they shouldn’t need their star tight end to put together a win. They are on the road, but still a huge 13-point favorite. Martellus Bennett is more than capable of filling Gronk’s role for a week while Gronk heals and gets ready for the following week. While there is still a slight chance that Gronk plays this week, fantasy owners should be looking elsewhere for their TE spot, since he’d likely be limited and may only play until the game is in hand for the Patriots, which shouldn’t take much longer than one quarter of play.

With a very (on paper) easy game for the Patriots and the risk involved with Gronk traveling with the team, he’s more likely to be inactive this week than on the field.

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