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The Cam Newton (shoulder surgery) fantasy fallout

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Cam Newton set for surgery

According to Matt Henson, Cam Newton will have surgery on March 30. Doctors will be working on Carolina Panthers quarterback rotator cuff, which is his throwing shoulder. The damage took place in week 14 against the San Diego Chargers. Panthers head athletic trainer Ryan Vermillion spoke about the injury.

“It is well-documented and well-researched that overhead throwing athletes commonly have wear and tear to their rotator cuffs,” Vermillion said. “As a result of the MRI, we modified all of Cam’s work in the weight room and on the field for the final three weeks of the season.”

So what is to expect now that he will have his surgery.

“The thing we need to stay away from the most is throwing, but he will start immediately with range of motion and rotator cuff exercises,” Vermillion said. “The positive thing, unlike when he had ankle surgery, is that he will still be able to work on his conditioning, work on his core, work on the rest of his body.

Since Newton played after the injury, why the surgery? According to Vermillion, when the injury took place, Newton was on a set program. When he reached the strengthening portion, the signal caller began to have pain while passing the ball.

“We developed a plan for Cam to take a period of rest, a period of rehabilitation and treatment, and then start a gradual throwing program the first part of March,” Vermillion said. “Cam started his program, and the early parts of his rehab had been going well. However, as we worked to advance him into the next stage — the strengthening stage, the throwing stage — he started to have an increase in his pain level and started having pain while throwing.

What’s next for Cam Newton?

Newton’s surgery should put him out at least four months and possibly up to six according to Dr. Parekh. Which means it is possible he will miss the pre-season and up to four games of the regular season. Missing any time slashes into any redraft value that Newton has. It also doesn’t help that he was thrown around like a rag doll in 2016. Newton hit the dirt 36 times last season, ninth-most in the NFL. He also didn’t run as often as he has in the previous seasons. Newton finished with just 359 yards, while his previous low was in 2014 as he put up 539 yards in 14 games.

Head coach “River Boat” Ron Rivera has mentioned he would like to mix up the offense and keep Newton from having to run with the ball as much.

 “One thing we don’t want to do is overexpose our quarterback as a runner,” Rivera said. “And so we have to go ahead and look to change some of the things that we do. Some of our philosophies, obviously, have to be a little different when it comes to running the football.”

Rivera expects Newton to fight with this decision

“Oh yeah, without a doubt. I promise you that’s going to happen. He wants the football. But again, we have to be very dogged in terms of what we are going to do with him and how we are going to do it. We have to pick and choose. It’s got to be the right situations and circumstances. But again, him, he wants to succeed, he wants to do things that help this football team to win.”

The news on Newton’s shoulder is more detrimental to redraft leagues than perhaps dynasty as for now. Obviously, we don’t know the true extent of how successful or how quickly Newton can bounce back from it. What is not in the air is how much running he will be doing. This has been a key component of his success.

Newton has had only three seasons where he has thrown for more than 20 touchdowns and one being a 35 touchdown season. His production comes from his legs, and if he isn’t using those, he becomes an erratic passer with very little output. It’s time to lower your expectations and consider drafting Newton as a bottom starting quarterback for your fantasy team.

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