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Brandon Finnegan may be heading back to the DL

Photographer: Brian Rothmuller

Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Brandon Finnegan left Monday’s 8-2 loss against the St. Louis Cardinals after three innings with a left triceps strain. Finnegan could not record an out in the fourth inning, wincing after tossing his 58th pitch of the afternoon and was taken out moments later.

“Finnegan’s injury does not typically warrant an MRI, but he may get one if there is any suspicion that it may involve his trapezius,” Dr. Selene Parekh, a Duke orthopedic surgeon, said. “If it just involves the triceps, Finnegan should return in two to four weeks through the use of rest, anti-inflammatories and performance training.”

Chances are, Finnegan will get an MRI in the following days—especially when taking his previous injury history into consideration. This was Finnegan’s first start since returning after sitting out 10 weeks with a strained trapezius muscle. 2017 has been quite a disappointing season for Finnegan, who was expected to take a major leap forward as one of the top starters in the Reds’ pitching rotation.

Unfortunately, due to injury, Finnegan has only made four starts this season. On the year, the 24-year old is sporting a 1-1 win-loss record with a 4.15 earned run average in just 13.0 innings.

The majority of Cincinnati’s five-man rotation has had a rough go of it this season, with expected top starter Homer Bailey missing the past two months with injury. In his return, he did not fare any better than Finnegan, as he got shelled in an embarrasing 18-3 loss against the Washington Nationals.

The injury should not have much of an impact in the scope of the National League or the fantasy world, as the Reds seem all but destined for a spot in the cellar with a 31-44 record at this point in the season. After missing the large majority of the season, Finnegan’s absence should not be crushing any owners.

Perhaps, the injury robs Cincinnati the chance to see a potential young star in the making. The left-hander had a fantastic 2016 season, posting 31 starts with a 3.98 earned run average, and would have had plenty of opportunities with little left to play for. Finnegan may still have a chance to impress, but that may have to wait until after the All-Star break to happen.

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