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TFD League Draft (QB Edition)

Colin Belyeu

July 30, 2022

In the world of redraft owners are more looking for production now as opposed to later. Here at The Fantasy Doctors we participated in 12team full ppr redraft league.  It consisted of 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 2 flex spots(W/R/T), 1 kicker, & 1 defense for the lineup. There are so many league variations, but we just went with a very standard setup. I picked 5th overall in a snake format. Starting with passers, I happen to go with 2 young quarterbacks with an upward ceilings. Not that age matters that much in redraft, but I did want guys with athletic traits for potential rushing ability that were possibly entering their prime. In round 4 I got the 4th passer off the board in Kyler Murray. I felt I was going him or Lamar Jackson or I was just going to wait on a quarterback in the later rounds and just stack running back or receiver talent. Kyler has the potential to go for big points and cover for other players who may not show up during the week.  He had a down 2021 season by his standards which is a good season for most other passers, so he may be due for a big 2022 campaign. He dealt with some leg injuries this past season, but does not appear to be a factor at the current time.  In round 11 I went with Trevor Lawrence as my backup.  He had a very up & down rookie season.  I will chalk that up to  Adam Gase's 1st cousin, Urban Meyer (joke).  With a new coach and Christian Kirk added to the arsenal, Lawrence can finally develop like he was suppose to. If he really takes a step and flirts with a top 10 quarterback ranking, he or maybe Kyler can be used to better my roster as a whole in a trade.  Both guys having rushing capability poses a greater potential for injury, therefore, I would personally have a plan for some type of decent backup. Keep an eye out as I breakdown the other position groups in the coming days.


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