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Talkin Crazy-Week 5 Predictions

David Lorenz, PT, DPT

October 7, 2022

As we approach another fun-filled football Sunday, it's time for our weekly tradition here at TFD. It's time to TALK CRAZY. Now, if this is your first time here, let me first say welcome, and thank you for checking us out. These written segments will continue to be published weekly in order to help you, our readers, get that much needed win in your fantasy football match-up! Currently there are two segments published each week. First, our Let's Overthink This column, is a weekly recap of the games that unfolded before our eyes, and the biggest (and most disappointing) fantasy performances. Who showed up and balled out? Were they in your starting lineup? Or wasting away on your bench? Any big injuries? If so, how does this affect the way in which you should manage your team? Any players you should be targeting? All of these questions, and more, will be answered in that weekly column, which drops every Wednesday. In our Talkin' Crazy segment, we will review some of the biggest headlines entering this weekend, including some bold predictions from yours truly. Some of these predictions are based on various match-ups and statistical analysis, and others will be based upon some good ole fashion gut feelings. We will dissect each headline, and then determine whether the talk is legitimate, or if we're just Talkin' Crazy. This segment will be released every Friday. Got any suggestions or recommendations that you want to know more about? Feel free to hit us up on social media across all platforms @TheFantasyDoctors, or my own personal Twitter @DLorenzDPT. Let's get to it. Headline: Russell Wilson is washed Okay, this may be a little aggressive, but my goodness, did you watch that game last night? I always feel like we, the viewers, should be given some kind of reward whenever we watch an atrocity like that. I mean, that was absolutely brutal football on display last night between the Colts and Broncos. It was so bad, that I even had trouble staying awake for the ending of that game, and I am on vacation. Pretty bad. When the news came out that Jonathan Taylor was going to miss this game, you probably had a good idea it was going to be a low scoring affair. But then Nyheim Hines suffered that scary looking concussion (even though the Dolphins staff probably thought it was a back injury), and the Colts offense was REALLY struggling. However, they were not alone. Somehow, the Broncos offense was struggling just as mightily. Simply put, Russ was awful last night. Air mailing throws, flat out missing guys that were wide open (cough cough KJ Hamler), and frankly just looking uncomfortable out there. I've said this before and I've said this again, I'm not optimistic on any Colts players the rest of the season. Did you draft JT number one overall? If so, I would be looking to trade him. I recommended this to a buddy of mine last week, and he was able to flip Taylor & Melvin Gordon for Austin Ekeler. Pretty solid return, and I think the longer you wait to flip JT, the worse the returns will be. On the other hand, I'm still holding onto a sliver of hope with Russ and the Broncos offense. If he's your only QB you roster, you NEED to change that. But, I like the Broncos offense to figure this out eventually. The talent at WR is there, Russ will continue to learn Nathaniel Hackett's system, and it was a short week. Yes, I just made a few excuses, but I'm not dropping Russ and selling my Broncos assets just yet.

VERDICT: Talkin' Crazy

Headline: Bailey Zappe will lead the Patriots to a W over the Lions Now, I realize this is all contingent on Mac Jones missing his second straight game with a high ankle sprain. I understand there's some optimism and talk that Jones may be available for this game, and he even logged two limited practices the last couple of days. I think the Pats would be wise to sit Jones again, and give the starting nod this week to Zappe, the fourth round rookie from Western Kentucky who actually looked decent last week in a tough situation. Remember that Patriots-Bills game last year when Belichick had Jones throw the ball like 10 times? I see a similar game plan in the works this week against the Lions. Now, I expect them to throw more than 10 times, but I see a HEAVY running attack from the Pats in this one. Lions defense is porous and the Pats will want to keep Jared Goff and that dynamic Lions offense off the field. So, what does this mean from a fantasy perspective? It means, if you have Damien Harris or Rhamondre Stevenson, you NEED to be playing them. Seriously. Plug them in. Set it and forget it. And yes, I think the Pats will win this game, whomever is under center. VERDICT: Legitimate Headline: Saquon Barkley will finish the 2022 campaign as The RB1 We tried telling you before the season that big things were in store from Saquon. Don't believe us? Go back and check the receipts. We here at TFD were hyping up Saquon this off-season in a big way. Now, we didn't say to draft him in the first round or anything, but we were imploring you all to get him in the second or third round if possible. The reasoning? Well, I'll let his play the first month of the season be the validation. Barkley currently leads the league in rushing with 463 yards, and he's a large reason why the Giants sit at a surprising 3-1. Nick Chubb is right on his tail with 459 yards, but I see Chubb's rushing numbers taking a hit once Deshaun Watson is back, which I realize is still a bit away. Barkley and the G-men have a tough assignment in London this week against Green Bay, but I expect heavy volume for Barkley in this one. The Giants' quarterbacks are banged up, and I can easily see Barkley getting around 25 touches, if not more. Additionally, I think this continues the rest of the season. Why? He gives them the best chance to keep it close and win games. I see Barkley ending this season as the RB1 and rushing leader. VERDICT: Legitimate Headline: The Steelers will be blown out by the Bills As I'm sure you have heard by now, the Steelers finally went ahead and made the change to Kenny Pickett to be their QB1. This change was inevitable from the moment they drafted Pickett in the first round. Now, let me be clear, I hated the pick. The Steelers were sitting at 20th overall, and had a few holes in their roster, especially along the offensive line. Instead of taking a lineman, or the best player available, they selected Pickett to be their QB1 in the post Big Ben era. I think Pickett can be a fine QB, but I think he needs some time to develop, and I don't believe his ceiling is that high. They could very well end up with a top 10 pick in this draft, a draft that features much better QB talent, and what will they do? That's a conversation for another day. Back to the game on Sunday, the Steelers are currently a 14 point underdog going to Buffalo. That is a MASSIVE spread for a NFL game. While the Bills are undoubtedly the superior team, I think the Steelers play this one close and play a relatively conservative game, especially from an offensive standpoint. Will the Bills win? Absolutely. I just don't see them winning by two touchdowns. I'm taking the Steelers with the points. VERDICT: Talkin' Crazy


Some other quick tidbits from this week: I like the Jets to top the Dolphins. I like the Bucs to bounce back in a big way this week. Fire up all the Bucs players you may roster. I think this is the week Carson Wentz gets benched during the game for his struggles and continued poor performance for the Commanders. I like the Chiefs to blow out the Raiders on Monday night, and by Tuesday we are all talking about Patrick Mahomes being the favorite for MVP. So, with that all being said, what do you all think? Think some of this talk is legitimate, or are we just talkin' crazy? We'll see you next week!


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