NFL Injuries

Aaron Rodgers carted off with shoulder injury-Dr. Parekh

Photographer: Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire

Aaron Rodgers left with right (throwing) shoulder injury. Was thrown to ground after throwing ball. He left uncomfortably with the trainer off the field, and eventually was carted off. Unable to move right arm or shoulder voluntarily. Differential diagnosis includes right shoulder dislocation, right clavicle fracture, right shoulder contusion. Depending on the results of x-ray should be out for rest of the game. Contusion will not be seen an x-ray, but clavicle fracture and shoulder dislocation.
If contusion consider him day-to-day, possibly able to return today. If shoulder dislocation would be posterior, and depends on severity of ligament damage. If clavicle fracture, most likely possibility is 6 weeks, usually nonsurgical.

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